Raspberry Pi SDCard Modification

There is a broken SDcard 4GB Imation lying on my place for quite some time. Actually, it was only the housing for the SDcard is broken.

What I had done was getting an unused microsd converter and dismantling it then put in this sdcard chip into it. Slowly file the edges inside the housing and placing the chip in.

Next it to make sure the micro switch still there to allow the read/write enable. Once I confirmed everything works, I dumped the raspbian image into the SDcard and cut off the rest of the unused section. The above images are the final output of what I had done to it. Happy to revive this sdcard as it was never used before after purchasing it. The housing broken due to the high temperature and the plastic cracks then broken.

Hope this help to other people, never throw away the broken things. Revive it.


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Digital Ocean Is Cool

I had been hosting my important services to cloud. I had used AWS before but is really expensive to maintain just a normal services like blogs and web. I found that Digital Ocean is doing quite a good job and giving a very good support. I had been switched to digital ocean for a year and I am having 6 servers with them.

I am proud of Digital Ocean service and hope that more and more people supporting this service provider. Click HERE to signup and get FREE USD10.

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Raspberry Pi – SDCard Corrupt Issue


Have you ever faced some SDCard corrupted after each reboot? Well, recently I had accidentally broken the capacitor from the board and never thought that it so important to stabilized the voltage in order not to corrupt the sdcard.

It was random and also depending on sdcard. Some SDcard works fine but some not. I suspected my SDcard at first. After I switched to another Raspberry Pi, it works great with the faulty SDcard. This proves that it must be the board and till I compared then I noticed that the capacitor was torn off from the board. I quickly took some old capacitor from my junk and replaced the missing capacitor.

The thing works great and I had keep rebooting it without any SDcard corrupt any more. So, guys out there, please remember the capacitor is important and also need a stable voltage supply to this board in order to keep it working.


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Nexus 5: GPS issue

After my little girl dropped my phone, I am facing some minor GPS signal lost. After googling around and found that seems quite a common issue. Well, it actually just need to open up the back cover and just slide a since paper and lift up the connectors so that it can have 100% connection. Well, it does work and my GPS  sensitivity gain back with the accuracy of 10M.

Thanks to Google again for leading me a good reference and fixed my Google nexus 5.



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HomePlug Mixing Is Possible



I have many homeplugs around my house. Initially, I was using TP-Link and due to I am expanding my infra of my current setup and need more bandwidth plus stability (also have a friend of mine donated to me lots of Aztech) and ended up using only Aztech. Till today, I got a wild idea where combine all types of Homeplugs. Reason is because I am also testing my SDR GPS over another room where I can get FULL GPS signals there but unfortunately without any LAN connection. So, this idea comes out of the blue and it works.

It just need to sync up and that’s it. So, as a result, mixing homeplug with different brands is plausible.

Hope this information helps everyone.

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Raspberry Pi RS232 Console Over Bluetooth Module


Originally, the bluetooth module was meant for one of my Arduino Project and it was lying there for years. I remembered I bought it from e-Bay from a China supplier. The bluetooth module is pretty good and able to switch to Master mode and Slave mode.

I was trying to find a way to display the Raspberry Pi output and I knew the console over serial method works. I had to display the output and control it over some screen i.e Android phone. I found this: http://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/a-cheap-bluetooth-serial-port-for-your-raspberry-pi and learn to attached my bluetooth module to the Raspberry Pi.

Below link is the AT commands to set the bluetooth module. It can set to a specific name and new PIN for it. Is so flexible and easy to use.

I hope these info will be able to help some other people that interested to display the console output over the bluetooth module.

3D Printer – Part 3 – Building Stepper Driver (IN PROGRESS)





First time building without real PCB. I used to develop PCB first but this time I am using PerfBoard a.k.a. DOUGHNUT BOARD for this project. It seems better than using stripboards and it is so flexible to make the tracks on it. Looks cool and fun.

The tracks looks pretty solid too. I like it because it save space compare to normal stripboards and is make the circuit looks neat and tidy.

I will continue this tomorrow night as already 3 a.m. now.

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3D Printer – Part 2 – Raspberry Pi GPIO Expander Module

RaspberryPi GPIO Expander Module v0.1(Top)RaspberryPi GPIO Expander Module v0.1(Bottom)

Finally, GPIO Expander module is done. This will be interacting with the raspberry pi to the 3D Printer Stepper Module. We will need two of this module to have 32 Inputs/Outputs. 16 I/O will be used by the 4 stepper motors. The rest of the I/Os will be used for sensing position, heater, temperature reading and etc.

I will hope to build this tonight and test it out with the Raspberry Pi.

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